Advanced Technology Support

As the nation’s leading packaging and shipping franchise, Navis uses a custom-built, powerful Web-based tool called ABConnect™ that streamlines day-to-day operations and simplifies estimating, ordering and tracking shipments. ABConnect will provide you with a comprehensive software system to help you analyze historical data to focus your efforts for growth.

Harness the Power of Technology
The automated estimator in ABConnect captures Navis’ years of real-world commercial packaging and shipping knowledge. Plus, ABConnect integrates with other software tools you'll use everyday in your business. With Web access, a user ID and password, you will have access to all of these functions through one integrated web portal:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Contact Management
  • Job Estimating
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Quoting and Manifesting
  • Job Fulfillment
  • Job Tracking
  • Saved Job Templates
  • Reporting
  • Sharing Data with Network Partners and Customers

Accurate, Automated Estimates
Every new job begins with an automated estimate. ABConnect harnesses the packaging engine, your customer database, job templates and online freight options and costs to quickly create an estimate. Quicker, more accurate quotes allow you to provide the best possible estimates to your customers in the least amount of time. With ABConnect, you can also customize costs with an easy-to-use markup engine, ensuring your costs and margins are always accurate.