Buy a Business with a Track Record

When you start a franchise with Navis Pack & Ship, you’re investing in a business based on over 30 years of expertise.  As part of the 650+ unit system of Annex Brands, Inc. across the United States, you'll have access to a network of operational and marketing support. Detailed information regarding the franchise operator’s investment can be found in Navis Pack & Ship’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).


Expenditures for
Navis Pack & Ship Franchise
     Estimated Amount:
Low-High Range  
Initial Franchise Fee      $29,950      $29,950
Total Fees:  Initial Franchise Fee      $29,950      $29,950
Fixtures      $2,000   to $5,000
Construction Services (Design & Buildout)      $0   to $16,000
Equipment & Signage      $10,500   to $18,000
Computer Hardware & Software      $2,500   to $4,000
Initial Inventory & Supplies      $2,500   to $4,500
Grand Opening Advertising      $4,500   to $4,500
Travel, Lodging and Meals for Initial Training      $250   to $5,000
Licenses, Permits, Deposits, Other Prepaid Expenses      $7,500   to $7,800
Insurance      $7,000   to $12,000
Truck Lease      $3,000   to $6,000
Expanded Services Fees (Optional)      $10,000   to $20,000
Total Fees/Range:
Turn-key Build-Out/Opening
     $49,750   to $102,800
Additional Funds (Working Capital)      $20,000    to $40,000
Total Fees/Range:  Working Capital      $20,000   to $40,000
Estimated Total Initial Investment      $99,700   to $172,750


Franchise Financial Requirements

  • Net Worth: $200,000
  • Liquid Capital: $50,000
  • Ability to borrow and a good credit rating

Franchise Financing Options

Navis does not provide direct financing, but will assist you in exploring franchise financing options including conventional financing, leasing or an SBA-backed program. Navis is a registered participant of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Franchise Registry and the IFA VetFran Program.